Software and Business Technology Spotlight

Software and Business Technology Spotlight

On a regular basis, we do some common checks of new technologies our projects we consider to be cool and well-done. To get a better impression of what that means, an example of a spotlight session could be a regular check of represented projects on the great awwwards.com platform.

End-To-End Testing Tools


Data processing and APIs

Development Browser Plugins

  • Fonts Ninja to identify Fonts from any website
  • SVG Grabber to get all the SVG assets from a website
  • CSS Peeper to inspect the CSS of a page with proper enhancements

Start Up(ing)

The Problem Solving lie

... great “Shutting down my baby” article and as a result insightful discussion about the “wishful truth” to have a startup by solving problems you seem to have and solve for yourself.

Great software tools for growth usage

Business and strategy tools

Typedream to build no-code landing pages

Copy.ai to produce content

Canva to create basic designs

Figma to create professional designs and mockups

Pitch to create downloadable ebooks or presentations

Buffer to manage social media

tally.so to create forms to collect user data/interests

Airtable to check the early signup forms in one place

Mailchimp to manage mailing lists

Make to create tasks and workflows in the backend

Panomarata to do commerce marketing strategy benchmarks

Segment.io to achieve proper customer data tracking

Clarity to analyze digital product performance

... summing up and to show that even the proof of concept can be an easy step to achieve:

  1. get a wonderful, performing landing page
  2. demonstrate what the product looks like
  3. spread the word
  4. collect early interest
  5. build a community around it

Primarily AI-driven tools we admire and (plan to) use to ensure progress

(src: Linkedin Post of Simon Obereder)

1. Finta: Automate your entire fundraising workflow

2. Cleanvoice: Automatically edit your podcast episodes

3. Podcastle: Studio quality recording

4. Flair: Design branded content in a flash

5. Illustroke: Create killer vector images from text prompts

6. Beatoven: Create unique royalty-free music

7. Patterned: Generate patterns for your product using AI

8. Stocking: Generate the perfect stock photo you need

9. Copy: AI-Generated copy that actually increases conversion

10. CopyMonkey: Create Amazon listings in seconds

11. Ocoya: Create and schedule social media content

12. Unbounce: Write high-performing cold emails

13. Vidyo: Make short-form videos from long-form content

14. Maverick: Generate personalized videos

15. Quickchat: AI chatbots that automate customer service

16. Puzzle: Build an AI-powered knowledge base

17. Soundraw: Stop searching for the song you need. Create it.

18. Cleanup: Remove any wanted object from your pictures

19. Resumeworded: Improve your resume and LinkedIn profile

20. Looka: Design your beautiful brand

21. theresanaiforthat: Comprehensive database of AIs

22. Synthesia: Create AI videos by simply typing in text.

23. Descript: New way to make videos and podcasts

24. Otter: Capture and share insights from your meetings

25. Inkforall: AI content

26. Thundercontent: Generate Content with AI

27. Pragma: Centralizes knowledge for easy reference

28. Murf: Turns your text into a human-sounding voice

29. StockAI: Massive collection of free, AI-generated stock photos

30. Lex Page: An AI-enhanced word processor

31. Browse: Extract data from websites easily

32. AssemblyAI: Turns audio content into transcriptions

33. Krisp: Krisp's AI removes background voices from calls

34. Lexica: Search a massive library of curated AI images

Further, astonishing and promising AI-driven tools we’ve found on Twitter and, subsequently, in tweets

Finally, here it is: a platform listing professional AI tools for a variety of use cases

Another great summary of issue-solving and time-saving AI tools