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Mashed Software Solutions - Graz (AT)

To form striking and inspiring work-together moments from first to last and lead the people-centric implementation of real digital enterprise solutions for partners who deserve the very best.

If we’d byte you, this might evolve, grow, and finally be shipped after we’ve professionally collaborated on commonly defined project goals.

Let’s have a more in-depth look into some of our projects 👇. Verkaufsoptimierer (a B2B SaaS product)

PROJECT SHOWCASE: The story behind Verkaufsoptimierer: The and MASHED Software Solutions Project Breakdown
example view of the ticket drag & drop implementation
example view of the ticket drag & drop implementation

Blue Tomato - Rent Your Ride (a B2C Snowboard Rental Online Service)

PROJECT SHOWCASE: The story behind the development of Blue Tomato’s fabulous “Rent Your Ride” product ❄️ 🏂
example view of the entry point to the Rent Your Ride application
example view of the entry point to the Rent Your Ride application

Humans @ Mashed

Clients we’re happy to work with

Bikecenter Schager
Internal Software SystemsB2C Webshop Features
Blue Tomato
B2C Webshop FeaturesGraphQL Development
Cosmo Consult
Software Architecture
B2C Webshop DevelopmentSoftware Architecture
UX & DesignSoftware Architecture
Hartinger Consulting
B2C Webshop Features
Software ArchitectureProject ManagementEnterprise B2B Application Development
UX & DesignProject Management
Project Management
Software ArchitectureInternal Software SystemsB2C Webshop Development
Scheucher Parkett
Enterprise B2B Application DevelopmentInternal Software SystemsUX & Design
Statec Binder
Internal Software SystemsEnterprise B2B Application DevelopmentCRM IntegrationProject ManagementUX & Design
Aside from standard software processes and resources, we provide and go the innovative and individual way. We love to concept and create software products and software-driven processes that meet tailored customer needs. Could imagine these points as such are something you’d assume your company requires and wants in an optimized way? Get in touch, we’ll be there.
media upload application to expose and pass media assets — such as images documenting something — to either ERP, NAS, or mail server processes
e-commerce systems and shops that derive their products based on what’s being offered individually for different (types of) customers
your software-as-a-service product with no limits in ideas and imagination
CRM integrations applied to your information technology landscape, leading from your base email systems to your public web- and app-assets to ensure proper customer-relation management
customer service platforms (B2B, B2C) providing individualized and aggregated customer-related data and widgets
web shopping features to add products using advanced, well-thought and custom user interface elements
warehouse management systems that solve and focus on very specific process pain points that are not covered by standard warehouse management software
company-transformation to get into the field of automated increase in intelligence regarding data and business processes, providing artificial intelligence technologies and machine learning consulting

We actively participate in increasing our customer's productivity and future-proof competitiveness. Providing this and more - whatever is being defined and elaborated together - enables Mashed customers to grow and save time and resources.

Some of our customers are market leaders in their areas and market niches. That said, besides having main market shares, it is very likely that those customers also are leaders and professionals if it’s about their systems that enable productivity and growth.

In a nutshell:
Aside from being market leaders,
they also aim to be system leaders.
At one point in time - on the side of our customers - there were taking place evaluations, audits, and proof of concepts enabling our customers to evaluate properly, why to initially work with us, or why to proceed with collaboration and partnership. So….

Why do our customers work with us?

Probably it is because given we get asked for the WHY of our common entrepreneurial commitment, we answer as follows:

  • good enterprise software development processes are purely collaborative, internally as externally
  • building digital products with all its challenges and complexities is pure team fun. Neither a battle nor a conflict.
  • probably the most challenging and deciding miles of a digital product: the first and last miles. Those are the miles we love most and tend to master extraordinarily.
  • a certain degree of a company's software professionalism nearly always requires expert support and capable enablers
  • we'll evolve with every success our products have gained for clients
  • "websites" are history, and the future is diverse and massively differs from up-to-date solutions

...once we've finished what was requested and worked together on customers and partners will have the urgent desire to embrace us. We like that, so we reply with another appreciative embrace 🙏.

How do We work?

Ensuring the quality and aim to achieve requires professional and fun-to-work with sub-processes and software systems that support our daily handles. Choosing the best methods or systems to achieve our internal goals and goals we agree on with our customers always includes these considerations:

long-term usage and reasonable learning curve
ethical acceptability

Going into detail, check out some of the systems that are used to make progress:

  • Notion for documentation, organization & project management - anything you read on this website has its source and origin in our Notion space. That said, what is being exposed to the outside world is 1:1 what we set as internal standards that are documented and based on common agreements. If you partner with us, you’ll even get your own Notion Teamspace collaborating and growing with us.
  • Bitwarden
  • Vercel
  • Heroku
  • Google Workspace
  • Fastbill
  • Github
  • Figma
  • Auth0
  • Sendgrid

Do you like what you see and want to be part of us?

Feel free to check our open positions!
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