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Mashed Software Solutions

To form striking and inspiring work-together moments from first to last and lead the people-centric implementation of real digital enterprise solutions for partners who deserve the very best.

Clients we’re happy to work with

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Aside from standard software processes and resources, we provide and go the innovative and individual way. We love to concept and create software products and software-driven processes that meet tailored customer needs. Let’s list some examples:

  • media upload application to expose and pass media assets to either ERP, NAS, or mail server processes
  • customer platforms providing individualized and aggregated, customer-related data and widgets
  • e-commerce software that derives their products based on what’s being offered individually for different (types of) customers
  • web shopping features to add products using graphically tending and guiding user interface elements
  • warehouse management systems that solve and focus on very specific process pain points that are not covered by standard warehouse management software

Providing this and more - whatever will be defined - enables Mashed customers to save time and money. At the same time, we participate in increasing our customers’ productivity and future-proof competitiveness. Partly some of our customers are market leaders in their areas and niches. That said it is very likely - besides having main market shares - that those customers also are leaders and professionals if it’s about their systems that enable productivity.

In a nutshell: aside from being market leaders, they also aim to be system leaders.

Mission, Vision & Values
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