WEB DEVELOPER | remote/on-site | full-time/part-time | Job Ad

Web Developer (w/m/d) full-time/part-time | Job Posting

This job ad is active and very important to us. We’re looking forward to hearing or reading from you soon.

Mashed together in October 2021, we - the founders - aim to reach the next stage and hire you as the very first employee of our software development agency 🙏. We aim to be a rapidly growing team based in AT-8074 Grambach looking for a talented developer to build software and web applications with us.

About us

Can you imagine being part of a surrounding like this one?

  • We love open-source and that’s why we decided to open-source most of our internal Notion documentation (like this website’s content)
  • We don’t have fixed working hours
  • Remote work is part of our culture
  • Instead of meetings, we have the principle of overlap times
  • Freedom and responsibility are what it’s all about
/* index.js */
import soundsGoodAndIWillApply from './soundsGoodAndIWillApply';

const doILikeThis = (gutFeeling) => gutFeeling === '😆❤️🥰🙃';

me.gut.addEventListener('feeling', async (feeling) => {
  const iLikeThis = doILikeThis(feeling);

  if (iLikeThis) {
    await me.eyes.read();

    const response = await soundsGoodAndIWillApply();

    await me.process(response);
  } else {

You are pretty good at this or want to learn it with us?

  • Javascript or Typescript
  • ReactJS and NextJS
  • Common database and data technologies like PostgreSQL, PRISMA or GraphQL
  • Documenting technical stuff/issues in Readme Files or Notion
  • Draft application/software architectures and base concepts
  • You can work independently (especially if you decide to work remote)
  • Intermediate knowledge in German / Advanced knowledge in English

Do you like the possibilities and benefits we offer for you?

  • Benefit from what we provide for you within the scope of our swag set
  • Choose whatever working equipment you desire and want to code with
  • Flat organization and hierarchies (what else to expect considering you’ll be our first employee!)
  • Mentoring to support self-development
  • A culture of deep respect, support, and humanity. Please check out our company manual including our social code of conduct for details
  • Home office and flexible working hours
  • Enterprise project and software architecture insights you’ll learn a lot from
  • Possibility to be part of something valuable and fast-growing from the beginning on

The minimum salary for this position is 3.000 € gross / month for 40 hours a week

/* soundsGoodAndIWillApply.js */
import mailer from 'jobad-mailermodule';

const soundsGoodAndIWillApply = async ({ 
		senderEmail = "¯\_(ツ)_/¯",
		subject = "Why am I here?",
		body = {
			motivationLetter: "Nothing to say here, sorry (tough we wouldn't really like that 😉).",
			cv: = "Where has my life gone?"
	}) => {
	const responseFromMashed = await mailer.sendTo("contact@mashed.dev", {
		sentBy: senderEmail,
		body: {
			text: body.motivationLetter,
			attachment: body.cv,

	return responseFromMashed;

export default soundsGoodAndIWillApply;

Wanna execute soundsGoodAndIWillApply and await the responseFromMashed?

Great. We’d love to meet you soon!

E-Mail to send your application to: contact@mashed.dev